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The Best Surround sound

The Best Surround sound


Do you have a small place but you want to have the television to use? Logik 20 inches LED TV offers you the best picture and true surround sound system fits for your small room or place. This TV has built-in freeview channels that will not cost any subscription fee. That is why freeview is free as long as you have the right signal in your area. So, you will enjoy watching your TV without worrying about monthly bills payment.

Product Description

  • This LED TV delivers the quality HD entertainment for limited space because of its portable size of 20 inches. However, with the right size of the room you will experience the best sound as it provides a true surround HD. This is best for the bedroom and kitchen.
  • HD LED technology and a noise reduction, it offers sharp, accurate pictures for you to enjoy watching your favorite program or movies.
  • With its DTS True surround HD Logik can deliver the best audio quality. So,even in your small area you will have a movie theater experience.
  • It has a built-in Freeview tuner that you can watch all channels of the UK available. With almost 60 channels and 20 radio stations with the help of your TV aerial.
  • This portable 20 inches TV has its HDMI where you can connect your set top box, Blu-ray player or gaming box.
  • It also has a 2 port for USB where you can connect your storage devices that you can watch your favorite videos and movies, view your photos or even listen to your music.
  • Moreover, it has a SCART connection where you can connect your other devices like DVD player or other older games machine.

Point Of View

Logik 20 inches TV provides a small room with a good quality entertainment at an affordable price. It has free remote control for convenience when changing channels. Overall view this is a good TV.

T4tec TT2490DV Full HD 24inch TV With Integraded DVD Player BRITISH design
  • 720p HD display - great picture quality
  • Freeview HD - 70 free channels including 15 in HD
  • DVD combi - enjoy DVDs without a separate player
  • 1 USB ports - get content from USB drives

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