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Now TV has its own name when it comes to the best tv box. You can stream your favorite channel using their device. They have a wide range of features and now they have also launched the whole new Now TV Smart box with 4K resolution. It means you can now watch the same shows but in Full ultra HD resolution of 4k.

Let’s see some of the details about the Smart Box and see whether you should spend your money in this Box or you should go with other smart boxes that are available. We will see all the pros and cons to know whether you should go with the smart box or not. Also, there are other features and design that we will talk about.

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What is Now the best tv box?

Now TV Smart Box is an ultra HD Smart box using which you can stream your favorite shows. It is a media player that is offered by Sky sub diary. Previously, they had one Now TV the best tv box, the same is now upgraded to Ultra HD resolution giving the best experience to all their users.

Now, the same model is available in a different variant that supports 4K. There are various other features available in that particular model, we are going to review the same model for you.

What’s new in Now TV HD Smart Box?

You might be thinking about why you should go with the smart box. Well, because using this smart box, you will get a contract-free subscription. In other words, you can either go with paying weekly or you can choose to pay monthly. Once you install it, you don’t need any long term contract, you can pay as you go. Moreover, along with this, you don’t need any dish or satellite in order to watch your favorite shows. This is one of the best reasons why you should go with this box.

Also, there is a night mode option given. You can watch full 4K videos using this box. There are most of the applications given pre-installed such as Netflix, YouTube and also there are various other services that are available in the UK. If you are not satisfied with it, it also has a micro-sd slot. The home screen has changed a lot when you compare it with the old smart box. It is good as there were many people who were finding it difficult to navigate to the apps and go to various apps from the home screen.

now tv smart box

Now the best tv box is one of the most affordable solutions for the people who want to watch their favorite shows in Ultra HD, that is a 4K resolution. All the other alternatives that are available will cost you way more than you can imagine.

Let’s talk about it more and see various other mandatory things.

Design and Appearance

The latest new 4K the best tv box has the same design as the previous one. Now hasn’t done any changes in the design. However, you will surely get a little enhanced view when it comes to the overall look. The design is quite eye-catching design and there is a colorful LED light on the top of the box. It has a pink color LED light which looks great as the surface is black and in the bottom, you will get a dark silver color.

now tv smart box

So, overall the design and the appearance of the box is pretty much the same but looks outstanding. It is the curved shape and various ports are given for the connectivity which we will check out later on. The LED light on;y glows when you turn it on, when the box is on standby mode, the light is also turned off.

Connectivity and Setup

First of all, let’s talk about the setup. They have totally redesigned the home screen making it extremely easy to navigate around. Also, the new screen is too good looking. You won’t need any manual to know how to use it, you can simply mess around a little bit and you will come to know each and everything that you should know.

now tv setup

You can simply log in or signup to your Now account and you will get the home screen. Most of the daily usage apps such as Netflix, YouTube can directly be found on the home screen. The apps are automatically updated.

Talking about the connectivity options, here you will get HDMI 2.0 output along with HDCP 2.2 which is quite amazing as you can watch 4K ultra HD because of this. There is built-in Wi-Fi to access the internet and also you will find a microSD slot to connect your card with. Not to mention, it has an AC/DC power connection and remote control from which you can carry on further operations.

The fewer connectivity options in hardware and more features makes it the most outstanding model.


You might be looking for some positive points of the Smart Box. Here are few of them that makes the Now the best tv box 4K unique and some of the reasons why you should consider buying these smart box.

  • It supports 4K resolution HDR at 60p.
  • There is a voice search feature given that works perfect, you can directly search for the apps or the show using the voice
  • It is light in weight
  • The looks are amazing if you are going for the outer appearance too.
  • There are many streaming apps that you can enjoy without any worries
  • You don’t need any contract, you can pay either weekly or monthly.
  • The night mode is beautiful as it also decreases the loud useless noise such as explosions and all. You surely don’t need the full volume there when you are watching the video at night.
  • The voice remote control works the best. They have really used technology and make it super easy for people to navigate.
  • Above all, you can purchase the Now TV smart Box at the affordable range in the United Kingdom. The price is not too high when you compare it with the features it has.


Not everything is positive about the smart box. There are certain negative things too that you need to consider. Therefore, we have checked and collected some of the things that we think are the biggest disadvantage of this smart Box. You can take a  look at it and you would come to know what we are talking about.

  • For the people who want the best quality, are a bit disappointed over here. As they don’t have Dolby Vision or Atmos technology in the box. Even though the quality is good but still, it lacks something. Apps like Netflix uses Dolby Vision and the same thing is not available here.

Should you buy Now TV Smart Box?

Well, it is up to you now. We have already checked out the pros and cons. You can take a  look at them and ask yourself if you really care about the cons.

This happens with most of the people where they don’t need a particular feature but still, they are worried about the cons. For instance, if you are not watching Amazon Video and you are only watching Netflix or YouTube, you shouldn’t worry about that particular disadvantage. The same thing goes for others, if you don’t need it, you should not focus on the cons.

Also, if you are looking for a budget solution, there is no better model than this one. Therefore, in such case, you should not think twice and go with the Smart box.

You can purchase the best tv box from the Amazon Official website for the United Kingdom. There are two different models of the Now Smart Box, among which one is not 4k. Therefore, make sure you choose the one with 4k. For your convenience, we have provided the link of the Smart box with 4K below, the link will redirect you to Official Amazon UK website.

Final words

To conclude, you can surely purchase this model if you want to watch 4K videos without any long term contract. Moreover, the cheap price makes it even best. You won’t end up paying a lot more even if you didn’t like it much. It is one of the most affordable solutions out there. Also, there are all the necessary features present in the Nox Box that a smart box should have.

Therefore, there is nothing more to think about. You can buy one from the Amazon link given above this section. You should prefer buying it online as it will be affordable here. If you go with the same mode offline, it might cost you a little extra. You surely don’t want that, therefore, Amazon is the best place when it comes to buying something.

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