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The Best Ultrawide Curved Monitor for 2020 – Our Top Picks

Ultrawide Curved Monitors are always a great addition to your setup. It can deliver a better and immersive experience. In addition, you also get more real estate on your desk. So if you want to be a PRODUCTIVITY NINJA, it’s not a bad choice. In this article, we are going to talk about curved monitor gaming, and cheap curved monitors too.

These Ultrawide Curved Monitor will provide you an optimal experience no matter what task you’re doing. Therefore, let’s talk about the benefits of using an ultrawide monitor.

Why Choose an Ultrawide Monitor?


Therefore, we are going to discuss The Best Ultrawide Curved Monitor for 2020. 

The Best Ultrawide Curved Monitor for 2020

Samsung LC27R500FHUXEN 27″ Ultrawide Curved Monitor

To take your productivity game to the next level, we have a reasonable option for you. This Samsung LCD is one of the best-curved monitors when it comes to a budget price tag. It features a 3 sided bezel-less design, FreeSync, and a 27 Inch screen real estate.

No matter what task you do. Whether it’s gaming, video editing, photo editing, or just consuming media in general, this is a great cheap curved monitor option you can buy right now.

Let’s talk about the pros and cons. Moreover, what you get by buying this a BEAST ULTRAWIDE Curved Monitor.




BenQ EX3501R 35 Inch Curved Monitor

For power users, we have got something SPICY. BenQ never ceases to amaze us. Therefore, this curved monitor is just ideal for gaming. You get a widescreen curved monitor that features a 35 Inches screen. Holly Molly, look at the size of that.

Moreover, it has a resolution of 3440×1440, making is one of the best QHD screens we have ever seen. Aside from all these hotshots, you get FreeSync 2 technology, a 100HZ pure refresh rate, and a huge selection of ports. All in all, a great ultrawide curved display to use.

According to us, this is the ultimate curved monitor you can buy in 2020. Let’s talk about the features.



LG UltraWide 25UM58 25-inch IPS Monitor

For folks who want to enjoy a full-fledge ultra-wide monitor experience in a budget price tag, this LG monitor is your cup of tea. It has everything you want – in a budget, of course. Therefore, featuring a 25-inch display that’s full HD along with the latest and greatest FreeSync technology, you won’t be missing out anything at all.

It also contains a rather fun feature called “Black Stabilizer“. This feature really helps when it comes to gaming. Therefore, when an enemy is hiding in the dark, the display will change its colors and contrast to distinguish darkness from the object. It’s an excellent mode that every gamer should be using.

It is one of the cheapest ultrawide curved monitors on our list today.




MSI Full HD Non-Glare 1ms 2560 x 1080 Ultra Wide

For those Gamer freaks out there we have this bad boy. This MSI ultra-wide monitor will give you one of the best performances out there. Matter’s fact, if you are trying to get into competitive gaming, worry not. It is a great performer when it comes to giving you an edge over others.

It features a Full HD screen, 200Hz refresh rate, which I think is just insane in this price bracket. Moreover, it also supports HDR and the content would look amazing by all means.

All these aspects make this device one of the best ultrawide curved monitors.




VIOTEK GNV27DB 27-Inch Curved Monitor

This is Amazon’s choice product on our list. The brand Viotek makes some killer displays for gaming. It has a design that far exceeds most ultrawide curved monitor’s design. It features a 27 Inch display that contains a 144hz refresh rate. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

It is a very cheap curved monitor that will give you the performance to enhance your gaming skills and experience. Moreover, the QHD panel will surely give you great results with great viewing angles. Aside from that, it also supports a huge collection of ports, GSync a FreeSync ready, and it comes with 3 years warranty too! All in all, it’s a great ultrawide curved monitor.

Let’s talk about the actual pros and cons of this widescreen curved monitor.


The future is all about Ultrawide Curved Monitors. You won’t see a single house without something our of the ordinary. Moreover, using these monitors, it is proven that the productivity level increases. Along with that, gaming, video editing, and photo editing experience are like harm.

In short, once you’re into the widescreen curved monitors, there’s no way out.



Using the aligned liquid crystals, this type of display produces one of the best colors in any LCD technology. The pattern of these Liquid Crystal Molecules change their shape, hence making the display a lot more colorful and color accurate. However, it all depends upon the quality.


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