The Ideal Partner for Home Smart Devices

All-new Echo Dot

Alex is your new partner in your digital devices including your smart TV. With your command, Alexa will do for you like turning the channels of your TV to your favorite movies or series. This is the most popular smart control for all kinds of digital devices. With all of the other smart functions of Alexa.

Product Description

  • The most popular smart speaker with available LED display allows you to see the time, outdoor temperature and even the timers.
  • Popularly known as Alexa, perfect for your side table, you may ask Alexa to set an alarm, press its top to snooze. With the help of the light sensor, it will automatically adjust the brightness of the display both day or night.
  • Your voice will control the device for your music. It will stream songs from Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, and other music digital platforms.
  • You can enjoy your home with stereo sound when you pair it with another Echo dot for more great sound. Each device can be in different rooms.
  • Alexa is a big help for you too. You ask everything to it like playing music, reading the news, setting an alarm, checking the weather, answering questions, controlling compatible smart home devices and many more.
  • This Echo smart speaker has thousands of skills and counting. Alexa will get smarter and add new ones, like tracking fitness, playing games and many more.
  • Alexa’s voice will control your smart homes such as turning off the lights, adjusting the aircon and many more with compatible connected devices.
  • Moreover, it protects your privacy. It is built with multiple layers of privacy protection and control.

Buyers Reactions

Most buyers are happy with what Alexa provides for them in many ways. More importantly in control of other home smart devices such as smart TV and other compatible devices. With its small size, it is the smarter device you can have in the area of your home.

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