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What is a Smart TV? The NEW Sony Bravia 4K TVs

NEW Sony Bravia 4K TVs: The Answer to the Question, What is a Smart TV?

The NEW Sony Bravia TVs answer your most daring question, “what is a smart TV?” Boasting of a major feature separating smart TVs from the rest of the pack, the Bravia series is here and it’s ready to shake up your entertainment world!


Redefining Your Viewing Experience

Smart TVs are not just a fad; they are the status quo. Every store you enter today contains a bulk of smart TVs that redefine what viewing and entertainment should be.

For starters, giving you your money’s worth is the built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet port that let you access your favourite apps and stream broadcasts or online games. With easy access to the Internet, you will no longer have to download your favourite movies on your computer and transfer it to your hard drive. Now, with the best smart TV in the market, you can stream any television show or series from a variety of apps and services including YouTube, Netflix, or HBO, among others.

Another feature that raises the bar in the segment is an intelligent operating system. Sony smart TVs support Google Cast which allows you to project content from your mobile device to your TV. Say goodbye to long cables and other middlemen. Projecting content is made easier with Sony smart TVs’ OS!

Giving you an even bigger bang for your buck is Sony smart TVs’ voice search feature. Now, you won’t have to read and reread the manual just to operate your new smart TV. The voice search turns navigation into an easy, one-click task that allows you to get right on to what you’re looking for.

The BRAVIA Difference

Now, not all smart TVs are made equal. There are simply some models and brands that stand out. Sony’s Bravia series includes astounding models that say everything about what is a smart TV capable of.

  • PICTURE QUALITY TECHNOLOGIESExperience viewing that is closer to perfection with images that fit seamlessly on your smart TV. Be ready to transcend reality with unmatched picture quality. Sony’s 4K HDR TVs are made compatible with the latest HDR movies, series, and shows. Expect greater content, an impeccable range of brightness, exceptional contrast, and even wider colour spectrum that get all the details of the content right.
  • IMPRESSIVE DETAILPacked with its most powerful processors yet, Sony’s Bravia TV range delivers exceptional and realistic pictures. Invite your friends for a movie night and impress them with unique quality pictures, giving you the ultimate experience like you’re watching the show live! With 40% more processing power than the 4K Processor X1™, you can expect nothing but awesomeness in the Bravia series!
  • A WHOLE NEW WORLD OF ENTERTAINMENTAside from its impressive picture and sound quality, the Bravia series also comes with Google Assistant voice functionality. Navigate, take orders, research — the Bravia TV range allows you to do and ask just about anything with your very own Google Assistant!
Bring Home the Best Smart TV Today!

Discover the Bravia difference today! With an integrated smart voice control and smart home features, you are sure to get your money’s worth with the NEW Sony Bravia 4K TVs!

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