The Reign of 8K TVs – Are You Ready for The 2019 Upgrade?

Kiss 4K goodbye, because of this 2019, Reign of 8K TV models are bound to rule your viewing experience. While we were enamored by 4K in the past years, a new technology is set to take us by storm. The 8K technology is an innovation attributed to two major telly brands: LG and Samsung. In a period when 4K had just reached more users, it seems like releasing 8K is a big distraction.

But based on the features, it’s worth giving 8K a chance. Here’s what you need to know:

What is 8K technology?

It seems like 8K is just a double version of 4K. But by doing a little math, it’s actually four times the pixels of what 4K has and 16 times with that of HD TV. It translates to a resolution of 7,680 × 4,320 that’s over 33 million pixels.

In comparison, 4K only has 3,840 × 2,160 and over 8 million pixels. That alone is a massive upgrade from the last technology and as 2019 TV technology.

Actually, 8K has been in development ever since 4K started taking off. There’s an insatiable appetite for clarity which pushes TV brands to keep innovating and coming up with new offers. In fact, a portion of the 2016 Rio Olympics was shot and shown in 8K in special theaters.

So if you’re looking for 2019 TV models, here are 5 8K sets you shouldn’t miss:

Samsung Q900K 8K 85-Inch TV

Samsung Q900K 8K 85-Inch TV

We can’t talk about new TV technology 2019 without mentioning Samsung Q900 TV. It’s insanely expensive but it’s an eyegasm in person. The 85-inch TV is gargantuan expanse that’s packed with an 8K resolution for the best viewing experience. If 4K was able to blow your mind, 8K will take your breath away.

Being an OLED TV, it’s one of the best looking for its kind. The 8K quantum processor is paired with an upgraded upscaling. It can master 4K videos into 8K versions so you can enjoy your favorite shows on a whole new level.

Samsung succeeds in improving the image texture and in taming the jagged lines. It also reduced blurring and noise so your money will be equated with quality that’s second to none.

The Q900 is prominently brighter and better than its Q6 predecessor. As colors appear vibrant, the deepest black has become richer and defined.

Since it’s big in size and resolution, Q900 goes unrivaled to date. LG is keeping up and flaunting their own telly version.

LG 8K OLED 88-Inch TV

LG 8K OLED 88-Inch TV

LG is a long-time competitor of Samsung and there’s a good reason why the brand doesn’t get defeated easily.  Their OLED 8K television is a bit large than the Q900 with the additional three inches on the screen. And since LG is known for its much-loved OLED TVs, this new kid on the block will potentially rack up sales.

Sharp Aquos 8K 70-Inch TV

Sony 8K 10,000-nit 85-Inch TV

Sony 8K 10,000-nit 85-Inch TV


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