Top 5 Upcoming 8K Televisions for 2020

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As another year starts, new tech is starting to gain buzz – one of which is 8K TVs.  January will surely become a big electronic show with the release of new TV models and the rise of the best 8K LED TV. For 2020, we have listed five of the most promising and upcoming units.

What to expect by 2020?

For 2020, three things can be expected: bigger screens, higher resolutions, and thinner build. Also, expect to be overwhelmed with a barrage of acronyms like HMDI 2.1, QLED, OLED, ULED, ZLED, and more.

Performance and visuals will be the thing of 2020. However, expect that this year will be mum about pricing. Still, we can expect that 8K will become cheaper, a nod on the pricing trend of the past years. As much as some can be splurgy, its screen quality, HDR, and technical specs will surely be the most important purchasing factors.

Also, TV brands will focus on realism, promising their consumers of a more immersive viewing experience. Aside from that 8K is foreseen to hold a stiff competition against 4K.

5 Best 8K TV on the Market [2020 Edition]

  1. LG 75SM9900PLA 8K NanoCell SMART TV

The TV that tops our list is the LG NanoCell 8K Smart TV. This has a WebOS and a real 8K NanoCell technology. Aside from that, this is powered by an a9 Gen. 2 8K Intelligent Processor for the best response time, low input lag, and popping colors.

Moreover, this is equipped with the Dolby Vision & Atmos sound technology and an HDMI 2.1 port for seamless viewing.

This LG TV boasts a refined color purity and nano block colors that will make each scene shine on the screen. Also, this has a Gallery Mode, AI features, and auto-calibration. It has a built-in magic remote control, 360 VR, and quad-core CPU for all-around viewing and gaming experience.

When it comes to performance and visuals, the LG NanoCell shines in every aspect. Currently, this is only available in 75-inch models.


  1. Samsung QE 75” 75Q900R 8K OLED TV

Another great TV that will shine in 2020 is the Samsung Q900R OLED TV. It has spectacular realism that provides infinite depth to your images. Thanks to its high-resolution technology, this is four times clearer than 4K UHD counterparts.

Aside from that, the 75-inch Q900R model has an environment mode function that adapts the settings to your surroundings. This provides crisp and clear scenes that you will enjoy. Also, we like that it has a near-invisible cord that prevents the clutter of black wires.

As for the resolution, this TV boasts up to 33 million pixels of breath-taking resolution. Also, you can use the 8K AI upscaling to keep your shows clear and visually appealing. This is just one of the benefits of having the Quantum Processor 8K in the works.

Lastly, this is the best 8K TV to buy, with its optimized sound and curated content.


  1. Samsung Q950R 8K HDR 4000 SMART TV

If you’re looking for a more vibrant display, the Samsung Q950R HDR 4000 Smart TV is the one to go. It has the Quantum Dot Display for richer colors as well as a Bixby voice assistant for added ease of use.

Unlike its 4K counterpart, this unit is equipped with the 8K AI Upscaling and an ambient mode to match your surroundings. Also, this boasts a Q HDR 4000/3000 Full Array Elite picture quality. This offers pin-sharp images and accurate motion.

Moreover, this Samsung Q950R TV provides a genuinely cinematic experience in its 100% color volume. It also has a picture-perfect angle wherever you sit, not to mention its very thin build.

Aside from that, it suits Smart Homes, with its advanced features and decorative functions. It also comes with a built-in Content Discovery Guide so you can search less and watch more.


  1. Samsung QLED 8K TV Energy Class C

Another Samsung 8K TV that we love is the QLED Energy Class C. It offers a great dimension for your living room as well as 33 million pixels of high resolution. With this technology, you can feel distance at a whole new level.

Aside from that, this TV is equipped with AI upscaling and invisible pixels, even if you sit close to the television. Also, this Samsung QLED TV connects to other home devices, making it a one-stop multimedia hub at home.

The 8K processor optimizes the picture quality so you can watch in the best way possible. It’s also equipped with the VESA 400 x 400 feature.

For connectivity, there are an Ethernet, USB, and HDMI ports so you can connect gaming and streaming devices. This has a minimalist and elegant design that offers the highest HDR brightness levels. It also has the ultimate contrast, making it one of the best 8K TV deals.


  1. Samsung 65” QLED 8K TV

Lastly, we look forward to the Samsung 65” QLED 8K TV. This sports the highest available resolution among Samsung TVs. Its near-invisible pixels and 33 million pixel resolution make it a top choice for your new TV for 2020.

Like most Samsung TVs, this 65” wonder has the 8K AI upscaling that makes your low-quality videos pop. Also, it has an iconic back, thin construction, and very minimal bezel. Aside from being a breath-taking TV, it can also function as a decorative monitor for various art pieces.

This TV has better depth and a bigger reality feeling – all thanks to its Quantum Processor 8K. From watching football, playing games, or streaming videos, this TV will be worth the splurge. Of all the best 8K TVs reviews, this might be the one that suits your living room.



The best 8K LED TV models we reviewed here will surely give you the best bang for the buck. We hope that you find the best 8K LED TV that suits your budget and features you’re looking for. For the year 2020, upgrading your television will be a great investment. You can enjoy better quality and it will level up your viewing experience.

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