The Hottest TVs on Amazon Prime UK in 2019

Nothing makes watching TV a more enthralling experience than doing it via full HD Smart Screens. What’s more, on Amazon Prime, you now get to choose between the chic Sony Bravia, or the bold Samsung full HD smart TVs under different price categories. For you sports lovers out there, full high-definition televisions in our Amazon Prime shortlist bring you face-to-face with your favourite sportspersons right in your living room. With their ‘smart’ feature, you won’t have to manually pause your beloved shows to attend to other engagements; this can be effortlessly achieved with accessories such as a mini wireless keyboard and universal remote control.

Unknown to many, Amazon Prime offers benefits you seldom experience while shopping online. For instance, this feature allows for Prime membership sharing; up to four other people are allowed to utilize your shipping benefits without having to seek your direct authorization. With free 5GB data storage in Amazon’s Cloud Drive, the possibilities are immense. Ad-Free music streaming lets you enjoy your favourite jams undisturbed as you review their different products. With flat-fee grocery deliveries, Kindle eBook rentals and free prime months, Amazon Prime is definitely a worthwhile investment whose benefits you reap immediately after signing up for this amazing feature.


Best TV under £200

Samsung UE22H5600AKXXU – 22” Full HD Smart LED TV and Freeview HD

Samsung UE22H5600

This smart TV is the best on Amazon Prime in its category due to extraneous features such as instant access to Samsung’s Smart Hub where you get to enjoy catch-up TV.


  • The processor is Quad-Core, achieving unparalleled efficiency.
  • With 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, digital optical component (RGB), one SCART and IR, connectivity has been spruced up to enable streaming shows directly on your TV.
  • Freeview HD and Wi-Fi connectivity options.


  • Though the visual effect is inviting, this smart TV suffers a mild setback when it comes to sound as is the norm with the modern flat panel TVs.
  • Though a rare occurrence, vibration may be caused due to certain high frequencies. it is however manageable and does little to water down its former credits.

For an extra fee, you get to walk away with a Mini Wireless Keyboard and Esynic 2.4G Mini Wireless KODI XBMC Keyboard Touchpad Mouse Combo. With this in hand, navigating your smart screen will be even easier. With a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery, it supports multiple applications and devices i.e. PS3, iPad and Raspberry PI to name a few.




Best TV under £500

Sony Bravia KDL40WD653 Freeview Playback


With a 40” screen designed to get the most out of all you watch, vivid contrast and a refined 1080p resolution are only some of the features available. Through X-Reality PRO, the stunning picture quality is realized through enhanced clarity.


  • Bored of having to deal with messy TV cables? This Smart TV offers you reprieve in wireless connectivity, through which you can seamlessly access the internet and watch your favourite programs.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi also enables access to on-demand TV services.
  • With this Smart TV, you no longer have to attach a separate box or computer in order to gain access to apps like Netflix, YouTube etc.
  • In addition, the clean edges and sleek design are bound to look amazing in virtually any room. All this comes to you in a neat slim package containing five components.


The TV’s speakers are built-in and due to the slim view feature, certain high pitched sounds may cause mild vibration. However, with a sound bar and subwoofer, the sound is definitely in tune with sheer visual clarity. They are designed to create a cinematic feeling, a feature that also ensures that high and low-frequency sounds are clearly pitched to achieve unparalleled immersion.

To firmly fit this screen on the wall, the Telmu TV Wall Mount Bracket Cantilever Arm Tilt & Swivel Feature offers the best solution. It adjusts to the screen size ranging from 32” to 70” and uses free tilting technology to dissipate pressure as much as possible. It has an impeccably strong 50kg load capacity too.



Best TV under £750

Sony KDL-55W807C Smart 3D 55-inch Full HD TV


This 55” Full HD Smart TV features X-Reality PRO, allowing for stunning images and videos.


  • With an immersive 3D feature, you can enjoy a life-like trance as the 3D capability exposes you to natural depth of field.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi eliminates the need for a computer or separate box connection, meaning lesser components to deal with.
  • The sound is made as life-like as picture quality through clear audio, further complemented by fine-tuned TV sound. This is not only immersive but also emotionally engaging. The trick is in clarity and highlighting each sound to its optimal pitch.
  • When mounted on the wall, it seamlessly blends into any living room.
  • This 3D Smart TV offers you an enriching experience as it allows for up to ten of your friends and family to actively share their photos and videos simultaneously. This is achieved through a dedicated Wi-Fi network for guest.


You don’t receive any free 3D glasses with the TV, however, and it’s worth noting that 3D isn’t included in Sony’s HD range

It is also recommended to run the Black Adjust setting on its Low mode (rather than the Medium default) to boost shadow detailing, while Live Colour gives more balanced (if less dynamic) colour results on its Low setting than its Medium default setting.

Ideal for this set, the 2X Excelvan Universal 3D Active Shutter Glasses can be readily used with Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Sharp, and Samsung 3D TV models via Bluetooth. The delivery of real 3D experience has never been better. This way, you watch your favourite shows in a way you’ve never watched them before.


Featured Accessories

Sony HT-CT180 Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

Sony HT-CT80 2.1

It’s 2.1 channel sound bar radiates 100W cinematic sound, giving movies an ultimate realism due to them. The Bluetooth connectivity is made easy through NFC one-touch. This sound system processes virtual surround sound to refine the output even further. With its flexibility, you can choose the right spot for both the sound bar and subwoofer without dealing with any entangling wires. The S-master digital amplifier purifies sound quality and clarifies audio.



Invision TV Wall Bracket Mount with Tilting Action


Ideal for 32” to 55” LED, LCD and 3D screens this exquisite masterpiece has a built-in spirit level designed for level adjustment. With a 25 year warranty, this is definitely a product to vouch for as it is artistically engineered to the highest specifications. Its VESA compliant and universal TV mounting holes range from 100mm × 100mm to 400mm × 400mm. its maximum load capacity is an impressive 40kg(88lbs).


Logitech Harmony 650 Universal Remote Control


Wishing you had a simplified entertainment experience? This universal remote places this power within your grasp. Cumulatively, this unit has the ability to replace 8 remotes. While at it, the functions are grouped for ease of use and each function backlit to reflect your location. With a smart display, help is availed to you whenever you need it. It has an IR Wireless interface and can be used on TV and DVD/Blu-ray.



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