Best TV With Built-In Blu Ray Player Combo

Though TVs with built in Blu Ray players are very hard to find now, they were quite popular in the past. In this article, you’ll find the best alternative to a TV with a built-in Blu Ray.

Sony produced the Sony Bravia KDL40EX43BU 40-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD Internet TV with Integrated Blu-ray Player and Freeview HD model a few years back, however, production was discontinued shortly after and the only available ones are used. reports the TV unavailable. This undoubtedly was the best TV Blu Ray combi ever – even the customer reviews were excellent but according to some reports, there were too many returns. There are, however, TVs with built-in DVD players that are still available in the UK.


TV Combo TV With Built-In Blu Ray


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Our Recommendation – Buy This TV With Built-In Blu Ray Combo Instead

The most common reasons why people look for a built-in Blu Ray player are portability, space saving, price and ease of use. If you have the same reasons, then we recommend you consider the following combination:

Samsung UE32J5100 Full HD 1080p 32-Inch LED TV (2015 Model) [Energy Class A+]

Samsung Best Selling TV With Built-In Blu Ray


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LG BP250 Blu-Ray and DVD Disc Player with Full HD Up-scaling and external HDD playbackLG HD Blu Ray DVD Player

This combination will cost you a higher price but you’ll be equipped with a Full HD system that plays DVD and Blu Ray on one of the finest Full HD TVs of 2016 with built-in Freeview.

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So Why Were TVs with Built-in Blu Ray Players Discontinued?

The main problem came in performance and cost that resulted in the decline of sales followed by most manufacturing companies stopping their production.

One of the factors that led to the decline in popularity of the combo TVs is the convenience of buying the two devices separately and avoiding the risky investment of having the two in one unit. Many people also believe that by combining the two, the quality and performance of each decline.

Nowadays, new TVs with a built-in Blu Ray are almost impossible to find, to get one you will probably have to buy a second-hand model since most brands stopped manufacturing them.

Advantages of TVs with Built-in Blu Ray Players

dvd-player-28885_640 TV With Built-In Blu Ray

Despite their decline, combos had some advantages that included:


Setting up one device is convenient for people who prefer a simpler option. In addition, there is only one remote to control making operations easier. Switching from watching TV to watching Blu Ray and vice versa is easy, fast and seamless.

Economy of space

When it comes to bedrooms, kitchens and other small spaces within a house, a combo TV comes in handy to save on space cutting out extraneous devices keeping everything neat and simple.

A TV with a Blu Ray player built in is ideal for people with limited living space for example in college dorm rooms and small apartments.This also applies to restaurants, receptions, and waiting areas.

Reduced Wiring

With the two functions combines into one, there will be only one cable connecting the TV to the power source, however, if the devices are separate there needs to be a cable from the TV to the power, from the Blu Ray player to the power and a video source cable that will connect the two. This significantly cuts down on clutter and unsightly tangled cords behind the TV.

When buying a gift for the elderly, young children or people with mobility problems a TV with a built-in Blu Ray Player is ideal with the ease of using one remote only and easy functionality.


For those who use caravans or boats, a TV, Blu Ray player combo is a great traveling companion.

Some devices coming with special power ports that can easily be hooked to a power source of a camper or a boat. The power consumption is also significantly lower than when two devices are used separately.

Disadvantages of TVs with built-in Blu Ray players

background-89175_640 TV With Built-In Blu Ray

While TVs with built in DVD Players are still available, hardly any TVs with built-in Blu Ray are available these days and the reasons why TVs with Built-In Blu Ray Combos are not very popular are as follows:

Fixing and upgrade problems

Buying a combo is equivalent to putting all your eggs in one basket. If you encounter problems with the TV, you will probably have to replace the entire system. The same applies if you decide to upgrade to a bigger or better TV, you will have to purchase an extra Blu Ray player since the one in the TV cannot be removed.

Generally, the Blu Ray component is more likely to spoil before the TV does. However, while the component is being repaired, the user will not have access to the TV as well.

Inbuilt DVD/ Blu Ray players tend to be module replacements and spares are therefore not easily available.

Performance and dependency

Separate devices have more features and better performance than when the two are combined.

The Blu Ray player in a combo is also highly dependent on the TV component. Ordinarily, users replace Blu Ray players and DVD players more often than they replace TVs partly because they have more movable parts and therefore spoil faster and also because they are much cheaper.

Consequently, many people prefer combos for secondary usage where a house has multiple TVs.

Only available in small sizes

Most TVs with built-in Blu Ray players are only available in relatively small screen sizes with the largest models being 32″ models. The most common sizes are 20″, 27″ and 32″. Therefore if a user wants a bigger screen, they have to opt for a separate TV.

Limited Brand Selection

Most established brands do not produce TVs with built-in Blu Ray players. Buyers with a preference for established manufacturing companies such as Samsung, Panasonic and LG will not find combo TVs.

Leaving only smaller less known brands in the market. This also translates to combos lacking most of the latest technological updates that enhance the viewers’ experience.

Functionality – Price Trade-Off

A TV with built-in Blu Ray player comes with compromises in functionality. The cost of a TV with a built-in Blu Ray player is higher than the cost of buying a TV separately added to the cost of buying a DVD/Blu Ray player.

In comparison to a normal TV of the same cost, the functionality of the TV in a combo will be significantly less. The same applies to the DVD/ Blu Ray player.

In the consideration of cost, maintenance and repair costs are also significantly higher.


All factors considered TVs with built-in devices are mainly a good buy for situations where space is limited and therefore multiple devices with lots of cables will be a major inconvenience.

They are also good for gifting to elderly people or those with mobility problems, for a student going off to university, or for carrying along for holiday on a boat or a caravan.

However, for those who want a superior viewing experience with additional features and high-quality pictures, in the long run, it is best to purchase the two devices separately.


The Best TV With Built-In Blu Ray Player of All Time

Blu-ray is the best storage form created by both big electronics companies Sony and Philips. The appliances developed to keep more capable of high definition video and sound. The name comes from the kind of laser that is used for reading and writing data. Its laser is called hue of blue-violet. This blue-violet laser has little wavelength than the ordinary red lasers that are available today.

Advantages of TV With Built-In Blu Ray

  • With a shorter wavelength end of the light range, this laser can keep a lot of data with the use of the same space due to its little slot size needed. Hence, its 405nm wavelength blue-violet laser uses an 0.85 pickup aperture.
  • The Blu-ray with the single-layer disc can store up to 23.3GB, on the other hand, the Blu-ray with the double-layer disc can store 46.6GB of data.
  • Blu-ray has more capacity which allows HD video up to 1080p resolution.
    Hence, it has 7.1 uncompressed audio channels.
  • It has improved network and internet connectivity and has a picture in the picture process.
  • It can playback and burn at faster speeds.

Disadvantages of Bluray Player

  • The only disadvantage of Blu-ray is the cost of it, they are more expensive than their counterpart.

Blu-ray Technology

BD Layouts

For Blu-ray technology, three forms are being created. First, the BD-ROM or the complete Blu-ray read-only disc forms are used to store movies, software, and computer games. The second form is Blu-ray recordable or BD-R, that provides users to keep more data and HDTV recordings on a single disc. The third is the BD-RE which means Blu-ray rewritable disc format that provides users to replace the content of the discs.

Sustainable File Formats

Thus, the disc of Blu-ray can sustain various file formats like MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and a high profile AVC and VC-1 codec decoders in which the disc can store up to four hours of HDTV audio-video per layer. Blu-ray can also sustain various multi-channel audio file formats, like various file formats of Dolby, DTS, and PCM audio. The disc formats of BD rewritable and recordable are backward compatible with older formats like MPEG-2. On the other hand, the new codecs can make Blu-ray technology to backup new file formats for the next time.

Regional Codes and Security

Blu-ray sustains the mandatory HDCP encrypted output for security purposes. Also, ROM-Mark watermarking, BD and dynamic cryptology, and the Advance Content System. There are different codes for Blu-ray in several regions, in North America has different codes than that of East Asia except China and Japan. And one for the other part of Asia and lastly one code for Europe and Africa.

The Top Three TV With Built-In Blu Ray

SONY BDP-S3700 TV With Built-In Blu Ray

Buy TV With Built-In Blu Ray



SONY BDP-S3700TV With Built-In Blu Ray

Be excited with a Sony Blu-ray disc player that you can connect with your Wi-Fi at home. Your family can experience home theater, music, TV shows, and viewing your favorite movies on Netflix, and many more apps. You can also use your phone or tablet as a remote control. Also, it provides you full HD and Triluminos color, it also has a USB port where you can connect your devices.
Panasonic DP-UB9000 TV With Built-In Blu Ray


Panasonic DP-UB9000 TV With Built-In Blu Ray

Panasonic Blu-ray is another player with an excellent picture and sound quality. Though the system menu is very complicated once you get used to it, it will be easy for you to set up. It provides entertainment and can grab attention by its image and bursting with color. 

Pioneer Universal Disc Player TV With Built-In Blu Ray


Pioneer UDP-LX500 TV With Built-In Blu Ray

This is such a player, This pioneer Blu-ray provides you excellent build quality and high-grade components. Thus, this also provides you the best picture and sounds. Pioneer Blu-ray gives a balanced picture, filled with an excellent level of detail.


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