The Best TV Buying Guide to Buying a 4K TV in 2023

If you are planning to purchase a brand new TV buying guide. Especially a 4K TV, then here are a few things to look for when buying 4K TV in 2023.

Year by year, manufacturers and brands produce new models of products. The same thing can be said in the industry of televisions.

Just like smartphones, where we get new models every year like the first generation of Apple iPhone to Apple iPhone X, or the first generation of Samsung Galaxy S to Samsung Galaxy S9.

The cycle of technological evolution and advancement also occurs in the television industry. Now that it’s 2023.

We wrote a simple guide that can help you in your journey on looking for the right 4K Smart TV for you. Here are a few things that you need or must look for when purchasing a brand new 4K TV in 2023.


Things To Look For When TV buying guide with 4K TV in 2022 – Part 1

When purchasing or planning to buy a brand new TV buying guide with a 4K TV. One should know its features and offerings. Consumers also need to understand how these features work or what they actually do.

After all, To be able to make the most out of your budget for a 4K TV. You need to make sure you know what you are looking for.

The biggest mistake that anyone could make when purchasing TV buying guide with a 4K TV is being convinced to purchase a TV because it’s from a certain popular brand.

Say, someone, tells you “Hey, this TV is from Brand X. This should be quality overall”. If you bought that explanation and believed it, then there’s a high possibility that you just made the biggest mistake.

That you might regret later on. You might then end up purchasing a 3 years old 4K TV. That’s totally bummer and no one wants that.

Things To Look For When Buying 4K TV in 2018

So, if you’re purchasing TV buying guide with a 4K TV in 2022, here are a few things that you must know and do to make sure you get the absolute value for your money:

TV buying guide with 4K TV Basic Idea

  1. Research via the Internet — In this generation of 2022, the internet is the biggest and best weapon you can use. Say, you found a specific model while browsing through one of your favourite stores. Example, I find that this LG UK6300 4K TV is interesting. A quick Google search about this UK6300 4K TV with its specific model number can give you more information about it. If you want to know more about that TV, adding the word “Review” on your Google search will result to a list of websites and videos that had a hand on experience with that specific TV. You can also read more about that the LG UK6300 4K TV by reading our review of it here.
  2. Look at the Specification — The product specification mostly tells it all. If not all, you can always go a quick Google research about it. Don’t ignore the specification. If you don’t understand what it says, a simple Google of the words that you don’t understand will bring wonders and knowledge for yourself too.

Things To Look For When TV buying guide with a 4K TV in 2022 – Part 2

In this section, we will list our recommended specs that you must look for when TV buying guide with a 4K TV. This guide is generated from the best of our knowledge and experience. Especially for those that have a very tight budget in mind.

What To Look For When TV buying guide With a 4K TV in 2022

Support for Multi HDR Platforms


In the television industry, the year 2022 is all about HDR or High Dynamic Range. The term was mostly used in photography but is now widely used in televisions as well.

After all, HDR refers to a technique that heightens a picture’s dynamic range. As well as, Resulting in a wider range of both contrast and color significantly.

The brightness is also enhanced by making the bright parts of the picture much brighter. This then results in pictures that have more “depth.”

The colours also get a wider range that results in more bright blues, greens, reds and everything in between. So basically, look for TV buying guide with a 4K TV that features at least an HDR10 & HLG support.

VA Display Panel

samsung curved

For LED TVs, we highly recommend looking for TV buying guide that features a VA display panel. Stay away from TVs that has TN panel.

After all, IPS panel is also a good choice but for a much better picture quality in terms of overall performance.

As well as, a VA display panel is to go for. VA panels are capable of producing better contrast, brightness, and better blacks than a TN or IPS.

This then results in a much better color reproduction of pictures overall. The only drawback of VA panel is its poor viewing angle.

The color’s of the picture become washed out when viewed at more than 20 degrees angle from the center.

The only time that we recommend an IPS display panel is if you want a TV intended for gaming and for the entertainment of a large audience.

After all, IPS panel doesn’t suffer any color saturation. When viewed at an angle. It also has a very low input lag which is ideal for gaming.

Otherwise, if you have the budget, then we recommend going for OLED or QLED. Whichever fits your budget. Though we prefer OLED than QLED 4K TVs. Check out the LG C8 OLED below.

LG OLED C8 2018
LG C8 OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV with ThinQ AI

Direct LED (DLED)

FALD Direct Edge

In LED televisions, there are two types of backlighting system. TV buying guide with Edge LED or Edge-lit and Direct LED or DLED. We highly recommend looking for TVs that features DLED. 

DLED or Direct Lighting is a method that places a full array of LEDs at the back of the entire screen display. This results in an improved blackness of an image, better brightness, and local dimming.

10 Bit Panel

Things To Look For When Buying 4K TV in 2018

Majority of the TVs in the market right now features an 8-bit panel. Which is the standard but if by chance you have a few budgets to spare.

Above all, then we recommend getting a TV with a true 10-bit panel. A 10-bit panel is capable of 1.07 billion color palette as opposed to an 8-bit color depth of 16.7 million color’s.

What is 10 Bit Panel Exactly?

A 10-bit panel is a higher form of an 8-bit panel. The main difference is that an 8-bit panel can produce 256 shades of one individual colour. Since we have 3 primary colours.

That will be 256 X 256 X 256=16.7 million color’s. A 10-bit panel, on the other hand, is capable of producing 1024 shades of one individual color. That will be 1024 X 1024 X 1024=10.7 billion colours.

Final Thoughts

Looking for the best 4K TV for your money in 2022 is not a complicated thing. You just need to know and understand the terms and features that manufacturers use in their TVs.

Again, Google is your best friend and a little research will keep you informed. The things that we listed in here are the latest things that most 2022 4K TV models have.

Older TV models do not have such features, except for the high-end ones. When it comes to sizes, it all comes down to personal preferences and intended budget.

The same thing can be said for brands, curved or flat 4K TVs, and QLED or OLED TVs. This TV buying guide is only intended to help you make the most out of your money.

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Is it worthwhile to buy an expensive TV?

It’s not always easy to define. There are many varieties. There are models available and their prices are all over the place.

Which one is best suited to your requirements. To help you make a decision we’ve made this guide to TV buying guide televisions generally.

Find out where you can market (online as well as offline). Find out if LCD or LED technology is better suited to your.

If you are concerned about image quality more than plasma screens. Be aware of other aspects, like price tags. After all, What are the most important features customers want while making money without having to select which?

What are the important things to be aware of when TV buying guide a television?

What are you planning to make use of your new screen (gaming or video-watching)? Every aspect of your life in the home.

Limitations on setup like room height and so on. Which one is best? What power requirements do you require? to run at 1080p resolution with the low-quality settings.

For example, 720p is still able to produce good images but not the original graphic. Do I require a feature such as the Netflix streaming? In order to be used even if there isn’t an internet connection close by. “

What is the most reliable brand for TV?

Answer to that question is uncertain. When you take a look at various aspects, some appear to be most obvious winners.

By choosing a brand or location for the store. The first thing to consider is their reputation for customer service.

Do they have great reviews on the internet?

Based on what I’ve read to date. (Based on an easy Google searches). It seems like Target may meet my requirements superior to Sony’s.

This is because various platforms such as Facebook Marketplace and Yelp have large target ratings.

Why should I suggest buying the TV purchasing guide?

The reason I would recommend purchasing this television is that it’s a great investment. There are many positive reviews for this TV and they provide a one-year guarantee.

What you’re looking for in something large or small is entirely up to you. Any kind of television will be suitable. The best method to make informed choices.

Which of these buying guides is better?

The purchase of a TV buying guide is a difficult task. Particularly, when there are many choices to choose from.

Teddy Bear Commercial UT Eladel Philips 47 Note.

Which one of the TV buying guide should I follow?

I’m trying to find an updated television. It’s difficult to determine the kind of data will be the most useful.

What do you think will be the best fit for my needs? Is there something more we could consider instead.

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