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Best TV Dimensions complete guide to choose the right Effective in 2022

The best tv dimensions. It is highly enjoyable to watch your favorite program on a big smart TV screen. However, everyone has some personal preference over the TV screen size.

Moreover, you may not always need the giant TV for your living room. Thus, to buy the best TV, you have to decide on the right dimension.

Smart TV screens can range from 24 inches to 65 inch tv dimensions. Some costly models have bigger displays. A brief guide on the TV screen dimensions will remove your confusion. You can make your decisions smartly.

Why in the past it was easy to buy a TV

A few years ago, it was very easy to purchase a TV. There were not several variations of television models. The screen size of the big models is not more than 21 inches.

However, in due course, we have found technological advancements. After all, TVs have become slimmer with a bigger screen and higher energy efficiency.

They are also outfitted with a range of features. After all Modern TVs work almost like computers. Thus, it is important to know about dimensions, features, and performance to ensure that you have chosen the perfect TV.

How should you measure TV screens?

You need to measure your smart TV screen diagonally and not from bottom to top. It is similar to the way you measure your laptop. You will get the right dimension of your device’s screen.

Use a tape to measure the screen from the left-hand corner to the right-hand corner of the screen. Place your tape straight across the screen to avoid any error. You must not include the bezel of your TV screen.

  • Aspect Ratios of your TV screen

In most cases, modern televisions are wide, and the aspect ratio of those models is 16:9. For the HD TV shows, it is the right viewing ratio. The ratio for movies can be 21:9.

Especially in average TVs, you can find black bars at the top and bottom of the image.

  • Black bars on your television

The position and size of black bars can vary with the aspect ratio of television and the video. The black shade fills the gap between them.

Nowadays, you may not find TVs with an aspect ratio of 21:9. Therefore, while watching normal 16:9 content, you may find the black bars like an HDTV channel.

Can you calculate Tv dimensions with the aspect ratio?

What will be the difference in width and length in 22-inch and 24-inch screens? You need a complicated calculation focusing on the Pythagorean Theorem.

By identifying the aspect ratio, you will learn about the relative width and height. The aspect may be 16:9. For the width of16 units, there will be a height of 9 units.

  • Measuring the height and width

The most important step is to find the aspect ratio diagonal and the aspect ratio in inches.

The number 1.198 is useful for direct conversion of the height and width in inches.

  • Know about the perfect viewing distance

What should be the right distance between you and your TV? In the case of HDTV, 4K UHDTV, and FHDTV, you must re-consider the watching distance and the overall setup.

Make sure that your regular watching of TV will not affect your eyesight. While you have not maintained the right distance, you may have dull eyesight. You must be careful about your children’s eyes.

With a 36-inch model, there is no need to be close to the model.

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  • HDR10 & HLG - High Dynamic Range offers better contrast, greater brightness levels and a wider colour palette. Films and TV shows will look more life-like with supported content.
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TV dimensions perfect for different rooms

When you think of buying a television for your personal purposes, you have to focus on-

  • The distance from the TV
  • The space available to install the TV
  • TV size for your small rooms

Bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms are mostly small. You can choose a TV of 32 inch tv dimensions.

The viewing distance can be 1.5 m. You will surely enjoy HD images with a proper brightness level.

You can find different models with 32 inch flat screen tv. These TVs also have multiple connectivity options, like USB, VGA, and HDMI.

  • TV size for your big rooms

TV screens of 40 to 45 inches are best for large rooms. You can view them from a distance of about 2 to 2.5M. For a home theatre room, the TV size maybe 46 to 55 inches. You must sit 3M away from the screen.

To enjoy a bigger screen, you may choose a 60 tv dimensions model.

However, in most cases, consumers like to stick to TV screens ranging from 40 to 55 inches. You will find several features in these TVs. Some brands also offer ultra HD screen resolution without increasing the price rates.

Interestingly, there is no big price difference between 39 inch tv dimensions and 40 tv dimensions TVs. The smart features available on the TV will give you the best value. You will find the option for streaming YouTube and other channels. You may also install different applications.

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TV Dimensions

Distance can affect the image quality

While sitting close to the conventional TV, you can notice scan lines. Similarly, in the case of HDTVs with 1080p resolution, you may find pixels in rows and columns.

The small dots make the picture. The best 4K TVs have solved the problem. You will get the desired picture quality with these TVs.

4K Ultra HD televisions are available with higher resolutions. As UHD pixels are smaller, you cannot identify each of them. Still, you can sit a bit away from the TV.

Another thing to be considered is the way of installing the TV. You have two options- Stand and wall-mounted. When the TV includes a stand, you can place it on your table. You must focus on the depth of the stand. Some TVs have a narrower stand.

You may also buy a wall-mounted TV. Based on the TV’s thickness and the type of mount, the screen will be a few inches away from the wall.

You must also find the height of your TV stand. The central part of your TV screen must be placed below the eye. Make sure that you have installed the set in the most comfortable position.

Learn the distance from your sightline to the floor. Then, you need to deduct 50% of the TV’s height. You will know about the best height of the TV stand.

LG 55UP75006LF 55 inch 4K UHD HDR Smart LED TV (2021 Model) with Freeview Play, Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, Google Assistant and Alexa compatible, Ceramic Black
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  • Google Assistant and Alexa compatible

Grand TVs- More than 65 inch tv dimensions

When you have a very big room, you can choose a TV with more than a 65 inch tv dimensions display. These grand TVs are also the right choice for outdoor installation.

The biggest model available for you is 85 inch tv dimensions. You must also focus on the brightness level of the display and the audio quality.

While the TV is in a large room, you may have some lighting issues. The presence of daylight can affect the picture. Moreover, in some places, you will need a higher sound level.

Noise is another issue with TVs installed in a garden and open balcony. That is why you must focus on these factors before purchasing the television.

The rules for choosing the older TV models are different from the modern 4K sets. Several 4K TV enthusiasts prefer a display of 65 inch tv dimensions.

However, the bigger models also have become affordable. You need to decide on the place where you like to install the TV.

It is one of the biggest challenges for TV lovers. Some buyers purchase the new TV without thinking of the place where they will install the set.

They think that they can install the new TV in the place where they have installed the old one. However, based on the site where the TV is installed, the distance from the set needs adjustment.

Ferguson 32" LED TV With DVD Player, Freeview HD, USB & 3 x HDMI - British Manufacturer - F3220F
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  • DVD READY: Built-in DVD Player. Viewing angles: 178/178°
  • HDMI x 3: inputs for your external devices and consoles
  • WALL MOUNTABLE: Can be wall mounted (100mm x 100mm bracket not included)

Other factors that you must not overlook

  • While checking the thickness of the TV Dimensions, you like to choose a model, which looks attractive. The slimmer models are best for your living room. They are also easily installable.
  • The QLED, LCD and OLED screen TVs are lightweight sets best for wall mounting purposes. The overall TV set maybe plastic. The slimmest one of them is the OLED TV, as every light-emitting diode turns out light. So you do not need to invest a high amount in these technologies.
  • While installing the TV in your room, you will find the wall brackets working with different types of TV.

Finally, you must check the pricing and features before making the purchase decision.

We know that it is not easy to decide on the perfect TV screen size. However, the brief guide will let you find the right choice for your needs. Buy the TV from the most reliable brand, which offers a range of models.

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How big is the dimensions of a 43 inch TV?

The dimensions of a 43-inch TV vary by brand. However, the average size is 38 inches long and 9.8 wide.
This means that if you have this type of television set. Having an adequately sized house would be perfect.

What is the dimensions of a standard 32 inch TV?

The dimensions of a standard 32-inch TV are often measured in feet and inches. For example, the height can be 36 “, the width can be up to 55”.

There may be extra waist or chest measurements that add an extra 12 “to these base numbers!

What is the dimension of a 65 TV?

The dimensions of a 65-inch TV are such that it can fit in an average sized home.
A common question people have is TVs as well as other electronics devices. And asks about equipment.

Can their sizes be customized? The answer seems to be yes. Because when it comes to deciding how big or small they want something to be.

You can do a lot with your personal preferences. Although not as compatible as jeans.
Depending on who has the different waistbands. One chooses a style (tight / loose) for oneself.

Some more questions about TV dimensions


What is the dimension of 55 inch TV?

The dimensions of a 55-inch TV are as follows. It weighs about 60 pounds and has the size of a figure. 

Which is only five feet wide, more than six feet long. Which gives you plenty to look at without feeling overwhelmed or constricted on both ends.

What is the dimension of a 75 inch TV?

The size of a 75-inch television set is usually measured in feet. For example, the dimensions of Samsung’s 5250 model are 5’2 “x 3 ‘. With this information it should be easy to find your perfect viewing distance!

What is the dimension of a 60 inch TV?

The size of a 60-inch television is usually measured in feet and inches. For example, the TV below has an inch depth with measurements totaling 6 ‘.

The most common sizes for televisions. This range falls within: 30 “- 49”, which means if you have limited space at home.

Or you want to keep your entertainment system compact. However, if you want to get good quality pictures without running any unnecessary cords, they are perfect. Loose around!

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