If you are searching for a TV for your bathroom (yes, your bathroom), then you have a lot of things that you want to keep in mind. It can get boring in there at times, so having some kind of entertainment is a must.

There are a lot of things that you’ll want to keep in mind when it comes to searching for the best TV for bathroom. For example, it is well known that condensation can build up, so you might want to look for something that can withstand heat, humidity, and it should be waterproof. You may now know if LED is the best option, or if you want to go with a mirror finish.

You may also be trying to decide if you want to hook up the TV to your cable network, or just buy some type of streaming service, like Freeview.

Reviews of Top 5 Best TV for Bathroom

All of your questions, and more will be answered in this handy guide that takes a look at some of the best TV options and what will work for you.

19 Inch Watervue Waterproof Bathroom TV


This TV features an LED screen, mirror finish, and built-in speakers. Its design can easily blend into the run, making it the perfect addition to any bathroom. This TV has a very user-friendly interface, making it simple to use for any type of user. It is also considered a great value for the price.


  • Flush Effect Finish
  • Built In Waterproof Speakers
  • 2 Year Warranty


  • Does Not Feature HD
  • Does Not Have USB Input
  • Only 19 Inch Size

22″ 2016 SARASON Advanced Waterproof Bathroom Television


This TV comes with both HD and Freeview. For the size and design, it is considered very affordable. The TV comes with a sky cable that is very easy to use and can be plugged into any digital aerial. The TV masks itself as a mirror, so guests will be unaware of the TV unless it is turned on. This TV also has all of the hookups necessary to add extra speakers or even a soundbar.


  • Mirror Effect Finish
  • Larger Viewing Screen
  • Built In Speakers


  • Poor Sound Quality
  • Poor Instruction Manual
  • Average Picture Quality

Aquatek 19″ Advanced Waterproof Bathroom Television


This TV is specifically designed to be placed in the bathroom. It has a smaller screen size, meaning that it can fit right on the wall in most bathrooms. The screen technology is more advanced, being an LCD TV that also offers HD quality.

It also has built-in Freeview for digital TV, radio, speakers and the screen is heated to prevent mist. Coming with advanced mist-proof technology–perfectly for any steamy bathroom. It also has the mirror finish, allowing it to blend in with any other decor. In the case that you want to add more speakers or a soundbar, there are audio-out capabilities.


  • Can Add Extra Speakers
  • Screen Is Mist Proof
  • Includes Mirror Effect


  • Cannot Connect To Wi-Fi
  • Smaller Screen Size
  • Average Quality Audio

24 Inch Watervue Waterproof Bathroom TV

Best TV for Bathroom

This TV is completely waterproof and comes with a waterproof remote control as well as built-in speakers. The design is sleek and this TV can be mounted on the wall. Unlike the other TVs, this one does not have the mirror effect. The profile of the TV itself is ultra-thin, meant to have a design that looks flush to the wall. In the case that something happens to the TV or one of the technologies stops working, there is a two-year warranty that comes along with the TV.


  • Can Connect To Wi-Fi
  • Built-In Free View Tuner
  • Heated Screen To Prevent Miss


  • Does Not Offer HD
  • Does Not Have Mirror Effect
  • Can Be Difficult To Install

32″ Mirror Waterproof Bathroom Television

Best TV for Bathroom

This TV has all of the built-in qualities you may be looking for on your bathroom TV. In the case that you don’t want to hook up your TV to a cable provider, it has built-in Freeview for digital TV and radio. The screen itself is waterproof, high quality, and comes with the mirror effect.

The best feature of this TV is just how easy it is to install. The TV comes with brackets for wall mounting installation. Unlike the other TVs, the speakers with this TV are external, but also waterproof. The remote controller is waterproof as well.


  • Completely Waterproof
  • Mirror Effect
  • Extremely Easy Installation


  • May Be Too Large For Some Bathrooms
  • Heavy Weight
  • No Built In Speakers


Based on the above analysis, we have found out that “Watervue 19 Inch TV” is the one which meets all our expectations and we have selected this one as the best one under £500. It can fit in with any type of bathroom design, without becoming the centre of attention.

You never have to worry about damage, as the TV itself and all the parts are waterproof. Its mirror effect also means that guests will never know of the TV.

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