VIZIO P Series Quantum vs LG C9 OLED Full Review

VIZIO P-Series Quantum

Vizio’s P-Series Quantum is something unique. It’s hands-down Vizio’s best TV ever, and a standout amongst other performing LCD TVs I’ve at any point tried from any brand. It’s just accessible in a 65-inch size, model PQ65-F1. Also, the rundown cost is costly for a Vizio at $2,100.

At that cost, you’re near a 65-inch OLED TV domain. The Quantum isn’t on a par with LG’s least expensive 2018 OLED, the B8 arrangement, nor is it in the same class as LG’s 2017 OLED models, which are still near and cost around equivalent to the Quantum at the present time. On the off chance that you have that sort of cash to rub together for another TV, simply take care of business and get an OLED of  VIZIO P Series Quantum.

P-Series Quantum Pricing

Yet, limits are an awesome thing. In the same way as other different TVs, the Quantum will probably get a critical value cut soon for the Black Friday and occasion purchasing season. Truth be told it previously made them go, down to $1,500 at club stores Sam’s Club and Costco in late August through mid-September. I expect a comparable deal cost to hit in the close future. At $1,500 the P-Series Quantum is a flat outtake. It outflanks any non-OLED TV I’ve looked into this year.

Samsung’s lead Q9 (survey coming soon) beat it in a portion of my next to each other tests – including brilliant room execution and HDR punch – yet the PQ was still close. It outflanked Q9 in different regions. Vizio’s TV is super-splendid with magnificent differentiation and makes pretty much any top-notch video look tantamount to conceivable on a LED TV. What’s more, it costs significantly not exactly the Q9 or Sony’s Master Series Z9F.

To show signs of improvement picture you’ll need to jump on an OLED, and relying upon the value distinction between the Quantum and LG’s B8 OLED, which is expected for its very own Black Friday rebate, it may merit going for the enormous “O.” But in the event that that is not occurring, despite everything you need a superior picture than you’ll get from the TCL 6 arrangement, Vizio P-Series, Sony X900F and Samsung Q8s of the world, go for Vizio’s “Q.”

PQ is extraordinary compared to other LCD-based TVs I’ve tried and wins the year’s initial “9” score in this classification. It’s not as great generally as LG’s OLED TVs (which procure the “10”), yet it can get more splendid and conveys generally incredible picture quality in about each territory. The main TVs that match or beat its image, in particular, OLEDs and Samsung’s Q9, cost a hell of much more. Televisions that cost less, for example, Vizio’s standard P-Series and TCL’s 6 arrangement, don’t execute also – particularly with the most elevated quality 4K and HDR pictures.

The PQ has heavenly dark levels and differentiation for home performance center lighting just as outstanding amongst other brilliant room pictures available, second just to the Samsung Q9 among TVs I’ve tried. Video preparing and consistency are a choice. While the Q9 has progressively significant HDR, its shadow detail with standard unique range misses the mark concerning the PQ. I additionally saw some banding in HDR material on the Vizio, yet it was uncommon and absolutely didn’t destroy a generally remarkable presentation.

Samsung Q9

Brilliance over the PQ’s screen was very uniform. With full-field test designs there were no real groups or brilliant spots, and just close to the edges did I see slight varieties in splendor. The Samsung Q9 demonstrated all around marginally more banding and backdrop illumination structure than PQ, while the P-Series, the Sony, and the TCL indicated not exactly the PQ, yet the contrasts between every one of them were minor and difficult to recognize with genuine video rather than test designs. The PQ additionally demonstrated negligible messy screen impact – where a moving picture uncovers minor varieties in splendor – and was all around marginally superior to anything my Q9 test here

From off-point, the Vizio lost dark level loyalty and splendor at about a similar rate as the other LCD-based sets except for the Q9, which kept up dark levels and differentiation superior to anything the PQ from seats to either side of the sweet spot directly before the screen. I attempted Vizio’s “Upgraded Viewing Angle” setting and it didn’t appear to have much effect. It reduced goals in any case, as noted in the thing’s menu depiction, so I left it killed.

The Good:

The Vizio P-Series Quantum’s general picture quality is on a par with any non-OLED TV available. It’s blindingly splendid, offering a heavenly HDR picture and incredible execution in a brilliant room. Viable full-cluster neighborhood darkening makes profound dark levels and limits blossoming. Styling is a smooth and present day.

The Bad:

OLED TVs have a superior picture and don’t cost substantially more than the Quantum’s rundown cost. Some banding antiquities in 4K HDR material. Poor remote and shrewd TV highlights. Just accessible in a 65-inch size.

The Bottom Line:

If you can’t bear the cost of an OLED TV, the Vizio P-Series Quantum is the nearest you’ll get the opportunity to picture quality flawlessness.



The LG C9 OLED TV has preferable picture quality over any TV we’ve at any point tried. It conveys flawless dark levels, wide survey points, heavenly consistency, precise shading, and an incredible splendid room picture. Video preparing is marginally superior to a year ago. It includes HDMI 2.1 highlights and backing for Amazon Alexa and Apple AirPlay 2 is not far off. Its striking structure includes an excessively thin board.

The Bad:

The C9 is costly, and 2019 OLED TVs perform nearly too for significantly less cash. It can’t get as splendid as contending LCD TVs.

The Bottom Line:

On the off chance that you need the best TV picture quality and are happy to pay for it, the LG C9 ought to be the initial 2019 TV on your rundown.

LG’s 2019 C9 OLED TV is the best-performing TV I’ve at any point tried at CNET. In 2018 I said something very similar regarding the C8 and in 2017 I said something very similar regarding the C7. After a seemingly endless amount of time after a year, TVs dependent on natural light-transmitting diode tech convey the best picture quality you can purchase, and the C arrangement exhibits LG’s earnest attempts to consummate it.

Without a doubt, the distinctions in picture quality between the new C9 and a year ago’s sets are small – ostensibly better HDR, a hair progressively powerful preparing and milliseconds-speedier gaming slack – yet at the same time enough to push it to specialized predominance. For most purchasers, be that as it may, those distinctions won’t merit the more extreme cost of the C9 contrasted with the 2018 models, including my present Editors’ Choice B8.

LG’s 2019 C9 OLED TV

It’s accessible in 55-, 66-and 77-inch sizes, yet the 77-inches is significantly more costly than the others. At that size, most purchasers should take a gander at 75-inch LCD TVs first.

As of now, the 65-inch C9 costs $1,000 more than the B8 and $700 more than the C8. The 55-inch C9 costs $900 more than the B8 and $600 more than the C8. Those costs may move around, yet until the C9 gets an extreme value cut, the B8 from 2018 is as yet the best esteem.

Picture quality was in all respects somewhat superior to the C8 and B8 from 2018, however, they were near the point that every one of the three scored a “10” picture quality rating.

Contrasted with the C8, the C9 will get Alexa worked in, Apple AirPlay 2 and offer more HDMI 2.1 additional items, including eARC and Auto Game mode and Variable Refresh rate. Else they’re fundamentally the equivalent.

OLED shows innovation is on a very basic level not quite the same as the LED LCD innovation utilized in most by far of the present TVs, including Samsung’s QLED models.

The best LCD TVs I’ve investigated up until now, the Samsung Q9 QLED and the Vizio PQ-65F1, scored a “9” in picture quality. On occasion they were more splendid in HDR than the OLEDs, however, generally, the OLEDs’ pictures were predominant in pretty much every manner.


All OLED TVs are progressively subject to both transitory and changeless picture maintenance, otherwise known as the copy in than LCD TVs. We at CNET don’t think about consuming in a purpose behind a great many people to abstain from purchasing an OLED TV, notwithstanding. Look at our manual for OLED consume in for additional.

The 2019 OLED models likewise incorporate the most recent adaptation of the HDMI standard: 2.1. That implies their HDMI ports can deal with 4K at 120 fps, bolster improved sound return channel (eARC) just as two gamer-accommodating additional items: variable revive rate (VRR) and programmed low idleness mode (ALLM, or auto game mode). Look at HDMI 2.1: What you have to know for subtleties. I didn’t test any of these highlights yet for this audit of LG C9 OLED Full Review.

The choice of associations is first class. In contrast to a significant number of Samsung’s sets, this one really has a simple video contribution for inheritance (non-HDMI) gadgets, in spite of the fact that it never again bolsters simple part video. New for 2019 there’s a committed earphone/simple sound yield and WISA remote sound help.

  • Four HDMI contributions with HDMI 2.1, HDCP 2.2
  • Three USB ports
  • Composite video/sound information
  • Optical computerized sound yield
  • Simple sound 3.5mm earphone yield
  • RF (reception apparatus) input
  • RS-232 port (minijack, for administration as it were)
  • Ethernet (LAN) port

Comparison and LG C9 OLED Full Review:

The LG C9 OLED Full Review and the Vizio P Series Quantum X utilize diverse board types, each with their very own qualities and shortcomings. The C9 is better for a dim room, and it has inconceivably wide review points. The C9 additionally has an about prompt reaction time, exceptional low information slack, and some incredible future-verification highlights, similar to 4 HDMI 2.1 ports. As an OLED TV, the C9 has a danger of lasting consume in. The Quantum X, then again, is a lot more splendid, and little features in HDR motion pictures look a lot nearer to what the chief plan. There is additionally no possibility of consuming in with the Quantum X.

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