Best Washing Machines at Affordable Price

It started when I rolled out of bed, stumbled over to my washing machine with the stray clothes I’d picked up on my way over and then saw something I never wanted to see. After I threw my load in and switched it on, the washer started knocking about from side to side, “walking” after me! Worse still, it started leaking water all over my floor like a possessed appliance straight out of the gates of Hell. I unplugged it straight away and faced the sad fact: It was time to buy a new one, but which one?

After doing some research with my friends, I thought I would share it publicly to help any of you out there struggling to pick a new, hopefully, “unpossessed,” washing machine. Here’s what we came up with:


Best Washing Machine under £300

Hotpoint WMBF944P Washing Machine Aquarius 9kg Polar White


Best Washing Machines under £300


This washing machine is ideal for small families since it can handle up to 9 kilos of clothes at once. This kind of washer understands you don’t typically have much time to do laundry; that’s why it has a time-saver button to speed up a wash cycle when you’re running late. This washer also helps you save water without thinking about it with a built-in “half-load” detector that automatically minimises the water and power used for your smaller loads.


  • The simple, intuitive design makes it a breeze for anyone to use.
  • It doesn’t take up much space and runs very quietly so that you’ll hardly notice it’s on.
  • This machine comes at a great bargain price for having a drum that’s large enough to wash a small family’s clothes.


  • Although this washer has a time-saver button, some don’t like the longer wash cycles for cotton fabrics.
  • You get a 10-year warranty on their parts, but if it breaks eventually, you could pay £109 in call-out charges for repairs.
  • It doesn’t have all the extra features of the more-expensive washers.

Best Washing Machines under £500

Hotpoint RPD8457J Ultima S-Line 8kg 1400rpm Freestanding Washing Machine White


Best Washing Machines under £500

This family friendly washing machine will be great news for you if anyone in your home has allergies because it has special features to eliminate 99.9 percent of all allergens and bacteria from your clothing. It has a reasonable price point, and the energy-efficient design can reduce your utility bills by 20 percent too.


  • This washer has an anti-allergy wash cycle that runs at higher temperatures to get your linens extra clean during flu season or bad weather.
  • Stains come out better with direct-injection technology that pre-mixes detergent with water before distributing the detergent evenly through your clothes.
  • This washer has one of the lowest energy ratings, using just 157 kilowatts per hour.


  • This washer only has a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee.
  • It’s not suitable for stacking and doesn’t have a matching tumble dryer.
  • The fastest “quick-wash” cycle is 30 minutes. If you spend just a little more, you could have a washer that does a faster load.


Best Washing Machines under £900

BoschSerie8 WAYH8790GB smart washing machine in white


Best Washing Machines under £900


This 9-kilo washer has Wi-Fi connectivity to let you control it with an app, compatible with devices running iOS 7 and later versions or with Android 4.1 and later operating systems. Besides its great functionality, we love its extra-quiet runs due to the patented “Anti-Vibration design” combined with the “Eco-Silence Drive” that makes Bosch one of the top brands.


  • This washing machine works really well even on the toughest stains, even after a super-fast cycle of just 15 minutes for a quick wash.
  • It’s one of the quietest washing machines available on the market, almost soundless.
  • Get super-customized washes with 16 different programs to choose from and a 24-hour delay timer to help you plan ahead.


  • For this selling price, many would expect the manufacturer’s guarantee to last more than just two years.
  • Some have found the Wi-Fi app for this smart washer difficult to use and somewhat unreliable.
  • It’s not suitable for small flats due to its size and freestanding design.


Best Washing Machines Under £1000

Maytag 3LMVWC400YW Washing Machine, 10.5 kg


Best Washing Machines above £1000


This Washing Machine boasts a 10.5kg capacity and 11 different wash programs, thus giving you plenty of space and options for different types of wash loads.

With its Intellisense technology, you can save up to 70% in time, energy and water by cleverly measuring how much laundry is in the machine. This Maytag Washing Machine will then simply adjusts the necessary amount of water, and time it needs to use.


  • Rotary- electromechanical controls allow fast, easy cycle selection of 11 wash cycles.
  • Intellisense technology allows this washing machine to adjust the amount of water depending on the amount of washing you put in.
  • Get 11 different washing cycles to select from.


  • Clothes tend to thuds a bit when spinning.
  • The top load design may not be preferable for others based on individual preferences.
  • This washer is 1.08 meters tall with a width of 68.5 cm and a length of 65 cm. Don’t plan on squeezing it into a tiny flat.


Best Washing Machines Above £1000

Siemens IQ-700 WMH6Y790GB 9 Kg washing machine with 1600 rpm in white


Best Washing Machines under £800


Families of more than four people will love this washer for special features like its pause-and-reload option, which lets you throw that one extra piece of clothing you missed into the wash without having to wait until the next cycle. Plus, it’s a “smart washer” that even saves you up to 30 percent on your electricity and water bills.


  • It’s one of the quietest washers and is super easy to use.
  • This washer comes with a five-year manufacturer’s guarantee.
  • It’s a “smart” washer because it’s got built-in Wi-Fi access. You can control it remotely with the Siemens Home Connect App that works for both iOS and Android phones.


  • Some people find that this machine requires quite a bit of extra fabric softener.
  • Since it’s a larger size to accommodate a 9-kilo load, anyone living in a small flat may find that it takes up too much space.
  • This freestanding washing machine won’t operate well if you put it into tight-fitting spaces, so it’s better for people with large homes.


What makes these washing machines the best ones?

I selected each of these washers because they’re all very energy-efficient and have good overall performance, but guess which one I picked to buy?

Based on the above comparisons of energy ratings and other facts, the Hotpoint RPD8457J Ultima washing machine is the one that satisfied me most, delivering the greatest value for the money and the best performance for its size.

The Hotpoint RPD8457J Ultima with an 8-kilo drum simply makes clothes cleaner and does it better than any other washer I’ve had. It’s dependable with a 10-year warranty covering the parts, 16 wash programs, minimal energy usage — and it’s therefore really worth every pound.

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