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The Best Bathroom Waterproof TV In 2022 Smart Mirror Led Tv That You Need To Know

Haocrown 19″ Bathroom Waterproof TV Smart Mirror LED TV

This is the latest Waterproof TV and is release in 2021. This is available in two colors white and black and the mirror for screen protection is also in both these two colors.

So you can get your desire color. This TV is specially designe for the bathroom and it is luxurious TV. You can place it anywhere in the bathroom even under the shower because it is completely waterproof.

And you can watch your favorite content over here while relaxing. This TV is protect with IP66 professional waterproof and the remote control is even more protect with IP68. If you will dip that in water it will not stop working.


This Waterproof TV has all the other features like the other TVs place in your drawing room and this is not less than those.

Not only the feature of being waterproof the picture quality is also great. So one does not have to worry about the resolution.

The image will be clear and bright and you will enjoy watching this TV. With the resolution of 1440×900, you will have a clear picture and the image seems bright.

This TV is also dustproof and fog proof so you can carry it to your swimming pool as well. The brightness of this Waterproof TV is 300cd/m2 which means the picture will not be blurred.

The contrast ratio is 1000:1 and the aspect ratio is 16:9 which means the image will be adjust very well.


The sound quality is also fine so you can watch content with clear pictures and better sound quality. This Waterproof TV has 2 built-in speakers.

And each producing 3W of sound means both speakers collectively have the 6W of sound which is more than enough in the bathroom while relaxing. These speakers are also waterproof so they also cannot be damage by any splash of water.

Additional features – Waterproof TV

This Waterproof TV has so many features like it has Bluetooth and it has the access to Wi-Fi as well. It means you can stream online or also you can watch download content as well.

It has the access to YouTube, Netflix, and many other apps as well. You can play your favorite movie, series, and shows. It has many built-in apps and others can be downloade as well. You can play games over here. It has an android system of 10.0.


It has different ports so you can connect your devices to your Waterproof TV and can get yourself entertain even more. It has 2 ports for USB so that you can attach 2 USBs at the same time.

You can watch your pictures and videos downloade on USB on this TV as well. It has 2HDMI ports as well. It has 1 audio output as well. If you want to have more voice you can attach speakers to this TV as well.


Dimension of this Waterproof TV are 451 x 340 x 32mm (W x H x D). The weight of the TV is 9kg.

Box things

There are various other things available in the box which includes: 1 x 19-inch Smart Bathroom TV, 1 x IP68 Waterproof Remote Control,

After all, wireless fly mouse keyboard remote control, power adapter, embedded bracket with screws, wall bracket with screws, installation manual, and 1 HDMI cable.


This amazingly designe waterproof TV for the bathroom is available at Amazon at a very reasonable price. So you visit the website of Amazon.

And place your order for this TV which is available at the price of £510.00. Amazon is also offering a 1-year warranty. So you can watch carelessly in this period.

Because any error in the Waterproof TV will be repaire free of cost. So do not miss an opportunity to grab this beautiful product.

Haocrown 19-inch Smart Bathroom TV With IP66 Waterproof Smart Mirror LED TV Android 10.0 System Built in Freeview Satellite Tuner Wi-Fi Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers(2021 Model)
  • 💧【IP66 PROFESSIONAL WATERPROOF】: Completely waterproof to IP66 protection standard. Haocrown luxurious mirror TVs are the perfect solution for any space where water or moisture flows. Let you relax in the bath and tune in to your favourite TV shows. TVs comes with great, high quality IP68 waterproof remote control,even if it is immersed in water, there is no problem.
  • 💥【BUILT IN SMART TV】:Haocrown LED Television is a Android 10.0 system Smart TV in HDMI2 channel. Simply connect to Wi-Fi, log in your account and enjoy the world wide web.Watch Netflix, Youtube, the latest news, and of course live TV (download your provider’s app),see your photo albums, connect with friends, and much, much more.Almost everything you can do on your smart phone; you can do on the Haocrown waterproof tv.
  • 😍【MAGIC MIRROR DESIGN】:When switched off, the TV transforms into a mirror, making it not only a great tech-feature but also an appealing home accessory , suitable for use in bathrooms, swimming pools, kitchens, yachts, Sauna. Additionally, the screen is scratch-resistant, rustproof and fog-free offering an everlasting high-quality viewing experience without any unwanted steam or marks.
  • 💯【INNOVATIVE INTELLIGENCE】:Supported Reception DVB-T/T2 (Terrestrial), DVB-C (Cable), DVB-S / S2 (Satellite), allows you to Watch HD Programmes Without any Additional Decoders.Resolution 1440x900 Delivers Incredible Clarity and Vibrant Colours.Powerful Built-In Vibration Speaker Technology,you Can Enjoy High-Definition Stereo Sound While Bathing.It Has Better MPS Display Technology with Mirror Panel To Upgrade Regular LED/LCD Display's Brightness.
  • 🛠【EASY TO INSTALL IN TWO MODES】:The Haocrown Waterproof TVs Come included with a Wall-mount and Recess mounting Bracket in the Package.Recess Dimensions for In-wall: 451 x 340 x 32mm/17.8"W x 13.4"H x 1.25"D. 【Support interfaces:】HDMI, 2 x USB, 2 x TV Input, DC 12V Input, Audio Output, ETHERNET.【1 YEAR WARRANTY 】If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.We will respond within 24 hours.

Haocrown 22-inch Smart Touch Screen Waterproof Bathroom Mirror TV

This Waterproof TV model is released in 2021 and is beautifully designed according to the bathroom. It is completely waterproof so it will not get damaged with any splashes of water.

Even you can keep that underwater. This TV is specially designed for the bathroom and one certainly enjoys watching on this TV.


This Waterproof TV has amazing picture quality that one demands to have. With a resolution of 1920 x 1080, this TV has masterclass quality of picture and that too is complete HD.

The image is bright, clear, and sharp. This TV has a brightness of 300 (Cd / m ²), it shows how much the picture will be clear and bright and it will no more be vivid and blur.

The image aspect ratio is 16:9. The screen of this TV is made up of real glass. Viewing angle is 178 ° / 178 ° (H / V).


It has an amazing voice quality as well so you not only will enjoy the better picture but a clear voice also. This Waterproof TV has a built-in system of speakers and that is also waterproof.

Each speaker has a voice of over 3W so collectively they produce 6W which is the best voice quality one can have in these kinds of TV designed for the bathroom.

This TV is elegantly designed that it increases the beauty of the wall. It performs both the functions of mirror and TV. When it is switched on it becomes a TV and when switched off it acts as a mirror.

Not only the TV is waterproof but the other equipment also. Like the remote control is IP 68 Waterproof and so the speakers are.

Additional Features – Waterproof TV

It has many other features as well like it is a touch screen Waterproof TV so you do not have to wonder for remote control and you can swipe right.

And left just with your fingers and this feature is even faster than the remote control. It has an internal memory of 4GB so you can download your favorite content.

As well as the games in this and can enjoy them while relaxing. You can also attach the additional memory up to 64GB. This TV is not only simple android TV but also a TV with so many functions.


It has many ports for connectivity as well. After all, It has 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports as well. It has ports for antenna and cable also.

Though this smart Waterproof TV has internet access and you can browse online without connecting it to any cable and decoder.

You can watch your favorite movies and series from YouTube and Netflix also with just one touch. So this TV is a complete masterclass and all its features are amazing and one will enjoy watching.

This TV is dustproof and smog proof also so you can carry it outside also. It has Bluetooth also so you can transfer pictures and videos to your TV without connecting through the wire.


This Waterproof TV can be mounted in-wall as well as on-wall. For on-wall hole spacing of VESA standard, 100 x 100 mm.

And for in-wall mounting embedded bracket dimensions are 524 x 358 x 36 mm. The dimension of this TV are 55.12 x 38.1 x 4.57 cm and the weight is 10.2 Kilograms.

Box things

There are various other things available in the box including 22-inch touchscreen mirror TV, IP 68 waterproof remote control, power adapter, embedded bracket with screws, wall bracket with screws, HDMI cable, and Installation manual.


This beautifully designed mirrored tv, bathroom TV is available at Amazon. The price of this TV is just £659.00 along with the warranty of 1 year as well. Do not miss an opportunity and grab this beautifully designed TV.

Haocrown 22-inch Smart Touch Screen Waterproof Bathroom Mirror TV for Shower Hot Tub, Full HD 1080P Built-in Android 9.0 Satellite Tuner Wi-Fi Bluetooth HDMI USB (Touchscreen Mirror, 2021 Model)
  • 10-Point Multi Capacitive LED Touchscreen TV: This smart mirror TV uses projected capacitive 10-point touch technology for fluid response. With the full screen touch feature, you no longer need to search for the missing remote control and you can control your TV up to 50% faster than with a standard remote control
  • IP 66 High Waterproof and Safe Low Voltage Design: The Haocrown waterproof bathroom TV has passed IP 66 high waterproof rating and powered with safe DC 12V, dustproof and anti-fog functions, which is designed for using in humid and dust conditions. Such as installed in bathroom, washroom, luxury hotels, kitchen, spa, salon etc.
  • Hangs as a mirror in the bathroom: When it is turned on, it is a bathroom TV, when it is turned off, you can use it as a mirror. The bathroom mirror TV runs on the Android 9.0 operating system. Resolution 1920x1080, provides high-quality picture, easy to connect Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, allows you enjoy a relaxing soak and watch a movie at the end of a long day.
  • Support Interfaces: HDMI, ETHERNET, SATV Input, DTV Input, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, Audio Output, Power Input. Built-in waterproof speakers, DVB-C, DVB-T & DVB-T2 and DVB-S & DVB-S2 Tuners, allows you to watch Full HD programmes without any additional decoders.
  • Simple installation: “In-wall’ and ‘on-wall’ options. All Haocrown bathroom televisions come with both embedded bracket and wall bracket and full installation manual. We offer customized service and worry-free 12-month experience and 12-hour kindly customer response. Contact us by below steps: Go to the product page-- click " Haocrown " (under "Add to Cart"), then click “Ask a question”.

Haocrown 27-inch Waterproof TV Smart Mirror Bathroom LED TV

Haocrown 27-inch Touch Screen Smart Bathroom TV With IP66 Waterproof Smart Mirror TV Android 9.0 System Full-HD LED Televions Built-in Satellite Tuner Wi-Fi Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers(2021 Model)

This is the latest designed TV for the bathroom and is released in 2020. Item model number of this TV is HG27TOUCH. The size of the screen is 27 inch which is 69 cm.

It performs dual functions of the mirror and a TV. When it is turned off it becomes like a mirror. This TV is great to watch when you are relaxing.

There is no worry of it getting damaged because it is completely waterproof. So you can place it in the bathtub as well as under the shower.


It has the best picture quality that the Waterproof TV can have which is 1080p and that too full HD. It means not only the clear and bright picture but also the fine quality that one will enjoy watching on this TV.

Maximum resolution is of 1920×1080 (1080P). Display technology of LED has been used in this TV. Display colors are more than 16 million.

The image aspect ratio is 1000:1. The brightness of this TV is up to 300cd/m2 which represents that images are bright as per requirement is and one will enjoy watching content over a bigger screen with a clear picture.

Viewing angle is 178 ° / 178 ° (H / V). The response time of this TV is great which is 0.6ms. This is a TV with touch screen mode which works faster than the remote control.


Likewise, the picture quality the sound quality is also amazing. The built-in speakers have amazing voice quality that one can enjoy the clarity of dialogues while watching favorite content.

This TV has so many other features as well. It has an operating system of 9.0. It has access to Wi-Fi so that you can log in to any account of social media to get connect with your friends.

And family and also to Netflix and YouTube so you can get yourself entertaine by watching movies and series. Though it has a touch screen it also has a remote control which is also waterproof.

Additional features – Waterproof TV

You can connect your device to your Waterproof TV via Bluetooth and can directly transfer pictures and videos to watch on the bigger screen. It has a RAM of 4GB and ROM of 64GB.

You can download videos and gaming apps and also few are already downloade in it which you can play with just one touch. This TV can be mounted on the wall as well as on the wall.


There are various ports through which you can connect various other devices as well. Like it has two ports for USB and HDMI port as well.

If you want to enjoy additional sound there is a port for audio output. There is also a port for the 12V adapter. Dimension of this TV are 77.98 x 54.86 x 14.48 cm and weight is 15kg.

Box things

The things available in the box include 27-inch touchscreen smart TV, IP68 waterproof remote control, DC 12V adapter, embed bracket with screws, wall bracket with screws, Installation manual, and an HDMI cable.


This TV is very beautifully designe and can be place anywhere because the moisture and water cannot cause any harm to it.

This TV is available on Amazon at a very low price of £935.00. Also, Amazon is offering a 1-year warranty. Do not miss an opportunity to grab this amazingly designed Waterproof TV especially for the bathrooms

Haocrown 27-inch TouchScreen Bathroom TV Waterproof Smart Mirror TV with Full-HD 1080P Android 9.0 System Built-in Freeview Satellite Tuner Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI, USB(Mirror, Touchscreen)
  • 🚿【IP66 PROFESSIONAL WATERPROOF】: Haocrown Waterproof TV is Built to the IP66-Certified Waterproof Standards,This Waterproof Technology can Effectively Prevent from the Damage of the TV by Water Flushing. Make it an Excellent Suitable for Humid Areas,You Can Install it Everywhere You Want, Near the Bathtub, or Even Under the Shower.Let You Relax in the Bath and Tune in to Your Favourite TV Shows.
  • ❤【FULL SCREEN TOUCH CONTROL】Haocrown Bathroom TVs are in combination with the full-screen touch technology, no longer need to search for the missing remote control.With this hassle-free smart touch feature, you can easily browse through all the available options, enjoy all your favorite shows with exquisite bath time. We also comes with great High-quality IP68 waterproof remote control for you,even if it is immersed in water, there is no problem.
  • ✨【BUILT-IN SMART ANDROID TV SYSTEM AND DIGITAL TV】Comes with the world’s most popular Android 9.0 operating system in HDMI2 channel, Haocrown Bathroom TV provides abundant content. Simply Connect to Wi-fi Or Lan, discover new ones via an unrivaled range of apps and streaming platforms, such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime- Entertainment essentials come pre-installed, plus download more via the Google Play Store. Built-in DVB tuner, support digital HDTV programs
  • 👍【MAGIC MIRROR DESIGN】:When it is turned off, the built-in TV looks like an ordinary mirror. But if you turn it on, a bright high-quality 1080P LED screen will appear on the mirror. Making it not only a great tech-feature but also an appealing home accessory .Suitable for use in bathrooms, swimming pools, kitchens, yachts, Sauna. Additionally, the screen is scratch-resistant, rustproof and fog-free offering an everlasting high-quality viewing experience without any unwanted steam or marks.
  • 💯【INSTALLATION AND WARRANTY】The Haocrown waterproof TVs easy to install in two modes , come included with a wall-mount and recess mounting bracket, making it easy to tightly fix the television to the desired spot.Recess Dimensions for In-wall: 656 x 432 x 33mm/25.8"W x 17"H x 1.3"D. 【1 YEAR WARRANTY】 Please Contact with Us if You Have any Concerns.If You Need to Customize Other Sizes and Colors, Please Contact Us.

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